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A Century of Steak
At the Stockyard Inn, neither our steak nor our nostalgia is pre-packaged.

Indeed, the Stockyard Inn is one of the oldest, continuously operating steakhouses in the United States. Be our guest and revel in our nostalgia. Visit our Bar Room to see the faces of the Stockyard Inn’s original cattlemen patrons, and hear the echo of their friendly banter. Enjoy a cocktail and appetizer over a bar where cattle and tall tales were traded for decades. Savor delicious steaks, chops, and seafood in one of the Stockyard Inn’s many distinctive dining rooms, each filled with the elegant character and charm of a bygone era.

For intimate evenings, and private meetings and gatherings up to one hundred people, the Stockyard Inn delivers a truly authentic, American steakhouse experience.

Our History
Established on the roadside edge of a farm that one day would become the largest stockyards east of Chicago, the Stockyard Inn was built in 1750. Known for its intricate wood moldings and wrap-around porch, the inn changed hands numerous times during the century following its construction as a farmhouse. James Buchanan was undoubtedly the most renowned person among these owners, having purchased the farmhouse in 1856 and held it while President of the United States from 1857-1861.

In 1895, the Lancaster Stockyards was founded and quickly grew to cover the twenty-five acres of farmland surrounding the inn. With the Lancaster Stockyard’s burgeoning, its cattlemen needed a place to enjoy meals and take rest. In an era of difficult travel, the cattlemen saw no reason to look any further than the corner farmhouse on the stockyard property, which came to be known as the Stockyard Inn.

For the next eighty plus years, the Lancaster Stockyards thrived as the livestock trading capitol of the East. Each day, the cattlemen gathered at the Stockyard Inn to trade high quality beef and good-natured bull. On auction days, the cattlemen filled the Bar Room and flowed out onto the porch, where their horses were tied to the inn’s rails.

In 1952, the Stockyard Inn was purchased by James (Jimmee) Fournaris, whose family continues to own the inn. Led by Jimmee, the Stockyard Inn evolved during the 1950’s from an inn that catered to its cattlemen clientele into a more traditional, steakhouse restaurant. During these transitional years, the Stockyard Inn, and particularly the Bar Room, was known for its extraordinarily diverse mix of patrons, who included doctors, lawyers, judges, businessmen and, of course, the cattlemen.

When the cattle industry shifted rapidly to the West at the end of the twentieth century, the Lancaster Stockyards has declined. As a result, the cattlemen’s visits to the inn have become less frequent, with more and more time in between.

Our Philosophy
With a century of experience serving some of the country’s most knowledgeable steakhouse patrons — the cattlemen, we have developed some pretty strong views on the subject of what makes great steak.

We adhere to these views each and every day.

To us, great steak is all about the quality and taste of the meat.

That is why all of our steaks and chops are hand-cut and trimmed on premises in our own butcher shop. By maintaining our own butcher shop, we can buy and serve the best cuts of meat available to us at any given time.

When you consider the extra effort involved in maintaining a butcher shop, it certainly would be easier and cheaper for us to buy pre-cut, packaged steaks. But, we do not think pre-cut, packaged steaks taste nearly as good as the steaks and chops that we hand-cut and trim in our own butcher shop.

We wish you a happy and wonderful dining experience.

- The Fournaris Family

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